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Archangel St. Michael

is September 29

St. Michael is one of three archangels mentioned in the Bible. According to the Bible, he disputed with the devil over Moses' body, and also brought Gabriel to Daniel to deliver a message from God in spite of attempts to prevent this by Satan. Michael's name means, "who is as God," which can be thought of as a question for us to answer. This general of the heavenly hosts is renowned in Christian, Islamic, and Jewish faiths.

He was the angel who communicated with Joan of Arc. In spite ofher efforts to save her king and country with the help of God, Joan was betrayed by her own people to the English who tried her as a witch and burned her at the stake.

Today, divine inspiration and angelic appearances are becoming a part of everyday life for some people. Even though people are still threatened and scared by it, this does occur with some people when faced with the unknown.

St. Michael is usually depicted with a sword. This sword is double edged: truth and justice. The Angelic RayKey logo depicts this sword guarding and showing us the way to Heaven on Earth, otherwise known as the Garden of Eden. Some people believe the sword is in front of a shield, with which we can look inwards and discover the way to Heaven on Earth. Or, it could be an open doorway, like a porthole in the side of a ship (or Ark?) to the sky which is truly the limit for all of God's children.

St. Michael is the leader of Angels and therefore it is reasonable to conclude that Angels have arrived on Earth to aid us now. Have you had any Angelic contact? (Then please take our SURVEY) Did you believe it when your friend/family member told you an angel had appeared to them? I would imagine, if we were able to ask Joan today, that she'd say that it took her a little while to realize that it was truly angelic guidance coming to her, and not just the actions of her mind. Angels are persistant though (this I know from experience!) and when St. Michael speaks to you, you better listen!

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