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Ark Angelic RayKey Level IIArk

Angelic RayKey Level II consists of the following:

  • Reiki Level II symbols
  • Introduction to Angelic RayKey symbols and their history
  • Definition of the symbols and their purposes/uses
  • How to send healing over a distance
  • Use of color with symbols
  • Definition of the Mental body
  • How to do Mental body healings
  • Practice sessions for both kinds of healings
  • 1 attunement (optionally 4 attunements) to bring the spiritual chakra energies of the student to being centered in his/her heart
  • Definition of the gifts of spirit
    • Clairaudience
    • Clairsentience
    • Clairvoyance
    • Discerning of spirits
    • Extrasensory Perception
  • The Importance of prayer during healing sessions
  • The importance of secrecy with the symbols
  • Healing Directions & Practice
  • Exercises, written and participative

Angelic RayKey Level II is a comprehensive class on body, mind, and spiritual healing. Learning spiritual rules allows for overcoming the limitations of everyday life.

In all classes and practice sessions of Angelic RayKey, we invite the Angels to be with us during the session. The whole class gets to experience their presence. The Angels also continue to work with each of us after the class has ended. If you want to enhance your ability to communicate with Angels, God and your Christed self, Angelic RayKey is a definite way to allow this to happen. You are given the tools to continue this process, as well as understanding how and why healing actually occurs.

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