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Reiki for the 21st Century
Through the Guidance of
Archangel St. Michael

Michaelmas is September 29
the birthday of LiteWeb

Angelic RayKey

Angelic RayKey is a healing discipline for the 21st Century. The focus is on healing and uplifting all areas of living: body, mind, and spirit.

Based on the foundation of Reiki, a Japanese traditional healing practice given in the 1800's, Angelic RayKey includes additional information on body/mind/spirit healing, such as physical body energy systems, mental body creative powers, and the importance of ceremony. This additional information gives us more tools than traditional Reiki alone does, yet does not diminish those teachings in any way but rather enhances the ability to move energy through knowledge of those energy patterns and how they are created and maintained.

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What can Angelic RayKey Do?

Angelic RayKey gives the practitioner ways to maintain and improve their personal health on all levels. This has the effect of making the world a better place as this healing energy goes out into the world around the practitioner, benefitting all who come in contact with him or her.

Angelic RayKey can be taught to the healee who comes seeking help, so that those who are healed can take charge of their lives and maintain their good health without continual assistance from the healer. What this amounts to is independence for those who are not now free of problems of many sorts, bodily diseases, mental confusions, relationship difficulties and spiritual emptiness, to name a few.

Angelic RayKey is ultimately a tool to heal the earth, starting at home with self, extending to those in the healer's personal life and local community, and benefitting the world at large. One practitioner is working on solving world hunger using Angelic RayKey!
(See his website here)

Angelic RayKey Classes:

Level I (Hands On Healing)

Learn bodily energy systems, how to sense blockages, how to direct energy with prayer and intention, how to seal the aura, and the history of Reiki and traditional spiritual healing methods.

Level II (Distant Healing)

Learn how to use symbols, how to send healing over distance and time, how to use color in healing, how to clear the mental body and intercessory prayer techniques.

Level III (For Teachers Of Healing)

Learn the importance of ceremony, additional symbols for world-level work, secret teachings and why they must be kept secret, and experience fulfillment as you step forward as one of God's chosen, those who choose to serve.

Internship (Practice Teaching)

Internship must be done at least once on all three levels before a full teaching certificate is issued.

What Will It Cost Me?

Level I and II are scheduled for 10 hours of class time. Level III is scheduled for 12 hours of class time. Homework and practice sessions take place outside of class and are expected in order to complete a training level. Internships must be done once for each level to earn a teacher's certificate, but may be repeated as much as you like. (Scholarships are available for all three levels)
Please e-mail us for class fees.

If you are interested in taking the Angelic RayKey classes online,
please let us know.

More Information About Angelic RayKey

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