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St. Michael

Michaelmas, or the Feast of St. Michael, is September 29. As St. Michael is often depicted as taming (or slaying) an evil being, he is a wonderful Archangel to call upon when we need help taming the evils within our lives.

St. Michael's presence ushers in Fall as a time of release and purification. In nature, the release is symbolized by the harvest being brought to the table (USA - Thanksgiving; Jewish tradition - Sukkot; Celtic and other traditions - Lammas/on or around August 1st). The purification is the process of preparing the ground for the winter's rest, or for another crop.

Reflecting on this in our own lives, we see that it is safe to let go of what no longer serves us, be it relationships, behavior patterns, negative thinking, material items, smoking, and more. Calling upon St. Michael during this time empowers both the release and the purification process.

Michael was supposedly the angel who spoke to Joan of Arc. Joan was confirmed by ecclesiastical review as having been appointed by angels to save France. This was in 1429; two years later the decision was reversed and Joan was burned with the title of witch. Joan's fortune is up once again, since the pope canonized her in 1920.

St. Michael was also present in Camelot. It is said, the first Christian Church built in all of England was St. Michael's on the Tor. Only the bell tower is left.

Ask for St. Michael whenever you need help transmuting your ego, or when you need help in a situation you wish ended, or for your own safe journey. Since fall is a time of releasing, you may want to consider your life and what you are ready to release. Then, ask God for courage and strength.

Angelic RayKey

St. Michael is the guardian of the Flaming Sword. Notice the Angelic RayKey logo. It is St. Michael's sword which is depicted as both guarding and showing us the way back through the window of opportunity to return to a time of Heaven on Earth. (please, take note, that Angelic RayKey is abbreviated ARK, and that St. Michael is involved not only in ARK, but with Joan of ARC.

More about St. Michael and his involvement in Reiki.

Discover Michael's equals, St. Gabriel, Guardian of Winter and Raphael, Guardian of Spring.

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