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Aura, Chakras, and the Rainbow

The Aura

The aura is the energy field which surrounds a physical object. The aura of a human is more complex than that of a rock or animal because of the spirit within humankind, which is made in the image of God. Sensitive people and small children are often able to see the auras and what is in them. Usually there are colors and these colors can change according to the mood of the person and the situation the person is in.

The aura reflects the total person because the spiritual aspect influences the mental/emotional state which impacts our physical reality of which the aura is the outermost part.

Chakra Energy Vortexes

The energy field of the human body has junction boxes in it, like the wiring in a house or the interstate system of roads which connect the United States. These junction boxes are called chakras which means spinning wheel. In the spiritually enlightened person, each chakra is a different color, corresponding to the colors in a rainbow.

This diagram shows a person who has many colors in his/her aura. Although colors in the aura change, sometimes only one or two is predominant. Ideally, all the colors of the rainbow will move in and through a person's aura, showing a balance between the different energy systems and harmony between the different levels of consciousness. This diagram depicts a rainbow warrior, someone who has attuned his or her chakras and is keeping them attuned and cleansed so all the energies are balanced and harmonized.

When a person is out of balance, ill at ease (dis-ease), the aura and chakras will be turbulent, uneven, or warped. This second diagram shows an aura that is buffeted by the effects of life in our modern times. A Healer who also shows the client how to sense and cleanse his own energy field will assist this client to return to a balanced state of peacefulness, as in the diagram above.

There are 7 major chakras in our body. Each chakra is associated with an aspect of consciousness. The chakras begin at the base of our spine and then are located upwards, to the top of our head. These are illustrated by the colored circles running up the spine in the diagram. While there are other, lesser, vortices, they are not shown in this picture. In Angelic RayKey, you will learn how to sense the state of these chakras in a person or yourself, what to do to open them, and how to enhance the spin and balance of all energy points, large or small.

The state of a person's health can be detected by Kirilian photography, dowsing, and other methods of measuring and recording the color and spin of the chakras and aura. When the chakras are small, out of alignment (making a crooked line running through them), or out of synchronization with each other, there is an imbalance which will be evident somewhere else for the individual. This may be a physical illness, a mental problem, a relationship which has ended or something of the kind or a combination of any of the above. The Angelic RayKey practitioner assists a person to become like the diagram, balanced, aligned and in a state of perfection.

In the Angelic RayKey classes (coming soon to a cyberspace near you--want to know when?) the aura and chakras are discussed as part of the attunement process. That's because these energy centers are important in our spiritual growth, and they provide insight to our conscious healing process.

The colors of the rainbow aura and the chakras make up the RAY of Angelic RayKey. Ray of light. KEY is the key to the RAYs of Light. Thereby, Angelic RayKey is Angels leading us, giving us, the Keys to the Rainbow. The covenant of the rainbow, and the key is available. Only Angels led by God would dream up an association to Noah's ark, and to St. Michael's association with Joan of ARC while tying together valuable knowledge from Reiki and other sources. They see God's master plan and help us out when we do not see the bigger picture in our lives.

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