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LiteWeb's Goals:

To connect Light Workers of all faiths, alternative health care people, and associated items from around the world through the Internet.

To promote unity in diversity, each of us uplifting the other in our particular work on Earth and beyond.


  1. To provide a forum for people to serve others.
  2. To provide postings of meetings for healing, prayer, and other spiritual gatherings.
  3. To teach Internet classes to expand your connection with the world wide community.
  4. To increase communication between lightworkers and the community through use of the Internet.
  5. To bring people together, increasing the synergy of oneness in each person's life.
  6. To provide Internet services at affordable prices.

Contribute articles for the Monthly Feature, Tips or other acceptable categories

Free Services

  • Free event listing for Florida events.
    (note: there is a fee for email and URL links.)

For more info, send an e-mail to Steve

Web Page Design and Hosting

We offer great prices on web page hosting, as well as providing a 5% community fund from all sales and a 5% referral fee if you refer someone to us who decides to join LiteWeb or CommUnities OnLine.
Please visit CommUnities OnLine for more information.

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